FlickCall / iPhone Application

Call quick Flick

FlickCall is an application that can make phone calls quickly flick.

Phone set to flick the phone number of vertical and horizontal directions.

Very simple, Quick, and your eyes Please use the iPhone if you want to call off the screen.

FlickCall comes in two versions.
・FlickCall:$0.99,ad-free,Display Name ON/OFF
・FlickCall FREE:unpaid,ad-suppported


Nov 19, 2010
・V1.02 Release
-Display Name ON/OFF

・FlickCall FREE V1.0 Release

Oct 10, 2010
V1.01 Release
bug fixed

Oct 01, 2010
Delivery start at AppStore
October 7, free from October 1(Download up to 10,000)

Sep 23, 2010


・Call quick Flick
・Phone Number Set:4
・Display Name ON/OFF


Startup screen, you can below.


■Easy Guide

FlickCall Logo
※Can be operated in any position in the screen.

■More Guides


If you flick to the left, right, up and down, you can call the phone number key that corresponds to that direction.

―Correspondence key



After the flick, about to make a phone call between a 1.5-second wait time is set, you can cancel.

action:Single Tap(Single Click)


Settings View.

action:Double Tap(Double Click)

● Phone settings for

iPhone "Contacts" to use the registered phone number.

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