Keitai Site Touch One / iPhone Application

A site simple browser for Japanese KEITAI Site

Keitai Site Touch is a simple browser application to which a mobile site in Japan can be displayed.

Japan's mobile phone to change the iPhone, please use it when want to browse the Keitai site.

※All sites such as sites where IP is limited are able not to be displayed.

The "Keitai Site Touch One" is a pay application based on "Keitai Site Touch".
※Keitai Site Touch is Free

"Keitai Site Touch" is available on the "Keitai Site Touch One" I think that you to download.


・Softbank Mobile, a browser emulation
・View Keitai Site
・iPhone display size, screen size change Emoticons, display
・QR Code Reader
・Set Homepage
・Bookmark folder management
・Keyword search
・Clear Cookie
・Clear Cache
・Color change, toolbar(Blue、Black、Pink)
・Change font size(100%、150%)
・Display area change
☆Tap pagescroll

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