TotalTimer / iPhone Application

The Timer can be saved and added.

TotalTimer is a timer that counts the total time.

The main feature is a countdown timer.
You can save a specified time for the countdown and later add extra time to the total if necessary.

Please use "TotalTimer" in conjunction with the scheduler to keep track of the durations of your daily activities.

※ If you do not save a specified countdown time, Totaltimer can be used as a timer.


・Countdown Timer
・Memory feature, set time × 3
・Save time count
・Add additional time
    (Maximum 10,000 hours)
・Count time saved list
    (Details: Total Time, Practice Days, Latest date, Start Date)
・End timer alert
    (Sound / Vibration)
・1 minute sound alert
・Auto Sleep

■Other Spec
・iPhone sleep, even when locked with a timer counting
・Save times at which timer was paused
・1 minute sound alert, the sound rings every minute when the timer is counting (will work while iPhone is sleeping)
・The timer input keys, 10 keys, memory keys can be switched
・End time display

  Function View

・Countdown Timer

Countdown Pause End

・Save As、Add Time

Save As, Add Time Selection Choose Save As Choose Add Time

・Show saved detail

Practice List Detail

・Key selection

10key MRkey

・MRkey Set

MRkey selection Time Input Complete set


Set Alerts and Auto Sleep

  Other Localized Language


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